Product Detail

Special Unique Features


1)System on/off can be controlled from all over India through sending SMS.
2)System on/off status can be known through feedback by missed call in SMS.
3)Black box facility
4)Remote panic with ID number.
5)If siren goes on by mistake you can switch off by SMS from your mobile
6)192Hrs (8 days 8 nights) battery backup with auto charger.


1)Auto door or shutter circuit It means when last door was closed then automatic system is on.
2)After the system is closed by authorized person, afterwards when every door is open the system will give signal by loud beep sound. It means doors sensor works with control panel.
3)Whenever authorized person will on or off the system of temple, bank, etc. Then five authorized persons will get SMS on their mobile stating that system is on/off. PREMISES OPEN/CLOSED.
4)Someone tries to open the particular door to steal, then SMS will be flashed on your mobile regarding which door is open. Immediately five authorized persons will get phone call on their mobile.
5)24Hrs control panel protection. It means if anyone tries to seal control panel in a day or night immediately there will be siren and five authorized person will get SMS stating that CONTROL PANEL STOLEN.
6)If control panel battery is low than five authorized person will get SMS stating CONTROL PANEL BATTERY LOW.
7)24Hrs protections for your bhandar, strong room, bedroom cupboard with two special extra remote.
8)If anyone cuts siren wire then immediately second siren near to the system will start sounding all five authorized person will get an alarm.


1)Frequency used 434MHZ
2)12vdc operating derived from 230.(Ac).
3)Idle power consumption is 30mA.
4)Max operating current is 1.0Amp.(Alarm).
5)Operating temperature to 50deg cell.
6)5 mobile number can be memorized.
7)Printed circuit board glass epoxy with green masking.
8)Conductive thickness of tracks 35 microns
9)Mechanical dimensions in mm (L) 220(W) 160(H) 50.
10)Weight 600gm without battery.
Three Years manufacture fault guarantee with spare parts.
One year battery replacement guarantee.


1)In cordless siren we have battery backup with auto charge.
2)Cordless panic switch: - In emergency we can use. Which will give to security guard you can also keep in house, kitchen, bedroom, jewellers shop, bank and in office near feet.
3)Electrical motorized siren with sound reaches from 1Km to 5Km.
4)If whenever authorized person/ poojary forgets to close the door or window properly and deraser/bank/house/shop/godown etc. is closed then five authorized person will get SMS stating DERASER/ BANK /HOUSE/SHOP/GODOWN etc.CLOSED BUT DOOR NO.5 NOT CLOSED BY REMOTE NO.1

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