• Hitech Security System

    Protecting Your Valuables 24x7.

  • Suraksha Chakra

    A Complit Security Solution for Personal and Corporate Use.

  • Hi-tech Security System

    A complit set of system with Wireless sensor and Wireless security Alarm .

Why Hi-Tech.

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Hi-Tech system will Provide 100% atomization.

Support & Service

3Year Service with spare parts.

J Jewellers takes insurance for their show rooms by paying Insurance Premium of Rs.25,000/- to 50,000/- per year along with that, it they spend Rs.1500/- to 1,00,000/- for fixing security systems and be tension free. Thieves do not come by knocking doors. They can come suddenly at any time. Get your house, shop, and family secured by adopting security systems. Such Hi-tech products are available from Rs.6,500/- onwards. Contact us for future safety and security.

Be Intelligent...Be secured ...Be ready with Hi-Tech Security Solutions.

ANowadays lots of thefts are reported. The thieves are not afraid of even God. There are theft in Jain deraser and other temples. The thieves are stealing gold and silver crowns, gariands and silver items from the statue of god and from safe and cash box.

BTo avoid such thefts we are introducing wireless electronic alarm security systems with special G.S.M. simcard base. After fixing this security system in your shop, office, godown, temple, bank etc.

CAfter closing your shop, office, godown, temple, bank if someone tries to open with the duplicate keys or breaks the lock, tries to open door or shutter immediately there will be a siren and the message will go to five authorized people on their mobile and they will listen voice message reporting the incident.

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-LCD display.

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Model 1000

- Land Line 4 Nos.

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